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Testimonials from Clients

Over the years KP Khalsa has received many kind words from clients who see him for holistic health consultations, and from business that work with him on a consulting basis. Below you find a sampling of the testimonials sent from both clients and consulting businesses.

Kind Words from Clients

"First of all, I have to say that NOTHING has treated the dystonia like the work I have done with you. I am better than I have been for many years!!! I am taking no drugs, no botox injections and am able to turn and hold my head to the right which is an amazing accomplishment!

I told my doctor how amazing it was working with you in treating my dystonia and that it is the only thing that has ever worked. She wants your contact info as many of her patients prefer natural treatments. :)"
~ Susan M.

"Thank you so much. Words cannot express my gratitude in having you in my life and working with me on these issues. I know I still have progress to make. To rebuild my energy, and continue to heal. But I owe a big thanks to you for the exam going so well.

God bless you. Guru Ram Das protect you. May you be in a position to serve and heal others for many years to come. The world needs people like you."
~ E.O.K. Kaur

"I want to humbly thank you once again for my herb/supplement program: I continue to feel better and better. I haven't felt this much myself since I was 5 years old. I feel that my extreme social anxiety is pretty much cured - I am amazed. Now I am so excited and empowered to become an Ayurvedic Herbalist, because I know it works! It is priceless to feel so good."
~ Laura F.

"Your help is invaluable and I feel honored and extremely lucky to have access to your services. Thanks again, for everything."
~ Sarah C.

"I wanted to thank you for your help and support and assisting my husband and I to conceive our daughter, Amelia. As you know, we had experienced 3+ years of frustration and difficulty trying to conceive. We had visited many doctors and tried different strategies all to no avail.

After our visits, testing, and herbal recommendations, I truly believe that your assistance and your recommended program played a key role in helping us conceive. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your program and helping in the creation of our beautiful daughter, Amelia. Many thanks."
~ Stephanie, Frank, and Amelia P.

"I met you at Kripalu in Nov and had an appointment with you at which you recommended I take triphala and h-m-plex and some other supplements. I have been doing so with amazing results!!! Thank you!"
~ Marleen S.