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Resources for Clients and Students

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle can be challenging. Here are some tools that can help you make those changes.

Client Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended Herbs & Supplements

Private Pay Labs / Testing

Ayurveda Basics
This handout covers the basics of how to choose herbs and personalize the diet, exercise routines, and lifestyle according to the 3 doshas.

Diets for the Doshas

These hand-outs describe what foods, beverages, herbs, and condiments can aggrivate or balance the three doshas.

Success for Natural Healing Clients & Continued Success for Natural Healing Clients

These two handouts have helped many clients over the years with helpful advice on how to successfully implment changes to their diet and lifestyle and work with a natural healing consultant.

Food and Exercise Diary Card

This diary card is a helpful way to record your daily exercise routines and food that you eat to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Herb Use and Preparation Guide

This handout is for those interested in learning more about the different ways of preparing and taking herbal medicines.

Preparation and Dosage Issues

A bit more detailed information for students currently pursuing more advanced herbal studies.

Herbs in Practice

This hand-out is a exerpt from Herbal Defense by Robin Landis and K.P. Khalsa. You can purchase the original book at Amazon, or your favorite book seller.

Pachankarma Clinics and Spas

Professional Liability Coverage - a Resource for Professional Herbalists and Students

Here is a list of organizations that offer professional liability coverage to herbalists. Please contact them for rates and availibility.

  • Click below link to download the list.