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Consultations by Phone with K.P. Khalsa

If you are looking for holistic solutions to your health concerns, K.P. Khalsa can help.

K.P. Khalsa’s goal is to help you heal and return to a place of health. You can make an appointment with K.P. for a phone consultation from anywhere in the world. At your appointment:

  • We will have a discussion of your concerns and discuss the immediate supports available. These suggestions tend to be more directed and immediate.
  • You will receive herb, supplement and lifestyle suggestions as appropriate for you concerns.
  • We will help you find the best sources of herbs and other supplements that will assist you on your health journey.
  • K.P. will work with you in a collaborative process with the goal being the greatest success possible for your health and wellness.

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If you need help making an appointment, please contact us at (541) 242-3314 or contact us.

All appointments are NON-REFUNDABLE unless cancelled 48 hours before