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Nutritional Therapy Program Arbor Vitae NY: Spring Term

April 27, 2019 - June 16, 2019
Abor Vitae New York
IIEI Faculty
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Phone at (541) 242 3314, or email at [email protected]

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We are pleased to offer you a nutrition program based on holistic health principles -- the Nutritional Therapy program - in New York! With this program, you won't have to settle for a conventional nutritional program.

The Nutritional Therapy program is for individuals with an avid interest in combining science and tradition (biochemistry and nutrition) and natural, drug-free medicine. If you would like to learn about a variety of nutritional topics including:

  • the foundations of digestion
  • blood sugar, mineral and fatty acid balance
  • hydration function and best practices
  • how weaknesses in these foundations lead to degenerative health problems
  • how restoring balance improves overall health and how to do that

Then this program is for you!

Students who successfully complete the Nutritional Therapy program will meet the educational standards of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals, required for application to sit for the board exam in holistic nutrition.

Classes are designed so that participants can enter this series of study any term.

Spring Term consists of the following topics: Assessment; Life Cycles; and Food Therapy in Holistic Healing.

Sign up today at our Early-Bird Rate that will be available until May 27th, 2019!

Course Dates:

  • April 27 and 28
  • May 25 and 26
  • June 15 and 16

Location: New York City - Arbor Vitae

Times: Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM