Keep Your Colon Healthy | Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa   


Keep Your Colon Healthy

February 20, 2018 - February 19, 2018
K.P. Khalsa

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In this webinar with K.P. Khalsa you'll learn the best ways to keep your colon healthy colon. And if you're wondering about a colonoscopy you'll get the scoop on this procedure.

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Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, A.D. D.N.-C., R.H., is an herbalist, nutritionist, yoga teacher, and educator who has been making holistic health approaches palatable to the modern mind for over 40 years. He was the herbal apprentice of an Ayurvedic master, Yogi Bhajan for thirty-two years, and was first person to be professionally certified in both herbalism and Ayurveda in the U.S. He is president emeritus of the American Herbalist Guild, and is a board member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.