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Bodywork for Fibromyalgia Part I

Fibromyalgia syndrome is an enigma, and just attempting to digest the swamp of contradictory research and opinions might become a headache of migraine proportions, but this much we know: it involves serious, widespread muscular pain and fatigue. And, if that’s not enough, there’s the loose assemblage of chronic symptoms, including foggy thinking, PMS, and allergies, that’s fairly consistent between patients, but has no obvious laboratory tests.2Strangely, it overlaps with many other diseases—70 percent of patients also have irritable bowel syndrome, for example.3When people get sick, with a cold, or after heavy exercise, symptoms often worsen.

Ayurvedic Oil Therapy

India’s traditional healing system, Ayurveda, is making a splash, or rather a splatter, in the world of American massage and bodywork. It’s a bounty of outstanding, effective, thoroughly proven techniques that help people get healthy and stay healthy.

Snuff Out Snoring

A chain saw? A hibernating bear? A cement truck? Unfortunately, although it might actually be quieter to sleep next a chain saw, it’s your partner.

Dealing with Psoriasis Naturally

Psoriasis is persistent, unpredictable, disfiguring and irritating, and one of the most baffling of skin disorders. Characterized by dry, well-circumscribed, silvery, scaly growths and plaques of various sizes, psoriasis is a chronic and recurrent disease.

Kids and Herbs

As holistic medicine moves consistently more into the mainstream, I am often asked, "Can I give my children the same herbal medicines that I take?".

Eye Health with Herbs

We can’t argue about getting older, but just maybe we can keep our eyes from aging quite so fast. Eye health, like the health of any other part of the body, is very closely connected with total body wellness.

Getting Rid of Those Pesky Hiccups

You want a sure fire hiccup remedy? Ask just about anybody. There are as many favorite treatments as there are people. Sorry to say, most don’t cut the mustard. But a few truly are outstanding. Over the years, I have accumulated more than a few.

How Much Valerian for Anxiety & Sleep?

Valerian root is the most popular sedative and anti-anxiety herb in European herbal medicine. Ayurveda favors it, too. This remedy is a medium strength herb, which makes it quite suitable for self-care.

How Long Should You Take Your Herbs?

This is one of those “it depends” answers. Each individual and each condition is unique. The answer really lies in that subjective area we call “the art of herbalism.”

Should You Take a Break from Your Herbs?

The reasoning for even having this question come up comes from our experience with drugs and our drug-oriented mindset. Clearly, we can become habituated to drugs.